Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I buy tickets on site?

A. No, each show has a limited capacity and all tickets must be purchased online.

Q. Do we need to print our tickets?


Q. How will waiting areas and the MAZE be modified to allow for social distancing?

A. We are changing time slots for ticket purchases from 1 hour down to 15 minutes which when combined with reduced capacity, will GREATLY reduce people onsite. Tickets will NOT be sold on site and groups will be staged as they arrive in socially distanced “waiver stations” that are in the parking lot. Once their group has signed their waiver and their tickets have been scanned, they will be led by staff into the queue, which has been redesigned to accommodate social distancing between groups. Inside the maze is a highly structured, timed experience and you will never come closer than 12 feet to another group.

Q. Will guests be required to wear a mask?

A. ALL customers will be required to CORRECTLY wear face masks at all times (not under the nose) and this will be enforced at multiple points throughout the maze. Upon entry we will require customers to sanitize their hands and then we will provide EVERY customer nitrile gloves which they will be REQUIRED to wear.

Q. What kind of masks will the actors and staff be wearing?

A. ALL actors and staff will be required to wear a NIOSH-approved N95 VALVELESS mask when working or while in the maze. They will also be subjected to a health screening (temp checks) and sanitizing process before entering the building as well as sanitizing checkpoints at various points throughout the night.

Q. What is a private group and how many people can be in it?

A. Group sizes will be reduced to approximately 4-6 people this year. Customers will buy tickets and arrive as a “private group”. Groups will not be mixed and will always be socially distanced from other groups. Tickets will only be sold online as a group of 4, 5, or 6 people. For example, a pair of guests would have to buy a group ticket for 4 and would enter the maze as a private group of only 2.

Q. Why did you remove the Virtual Reality experience this year?

A. We will not be offering VR in 2020. This will allow us to lower the number of customers in the building and the number of actors needed.

Q. What happens if the event is cancelled due to a COVID-19 shutdown?

A. You will be refunded the ticket price minus the 12% processing fee.

Q. How old do you have to be?

A. Due to the nature and intense environments of our attraction, The 17th Door is recommended for adults and teens ages 16+.  All minors (under 18) must have a parent or legal guardian sign their waivers on site. This show is not suitable for children.

Q. Is The 17th Door handicap accessible?

A. Yes. Access to our maze is handicap accessible. There are a couple obstacles that may have to be by-passed inside the maze. Our event staff will be present to help assist you with these obstacles.

Q. How long will it take to go through the haunted house?

A. The 17th Door is a timed haunt experience. It will take approximately 34 minutes from start to finish. This makes it one of the longest haunts in California.

Q. Should we be concerned if we have any health conditions including pregnancy?

A. We do not recommend pregnant women go through the haunted house. We suggest you speak with your OBGYN/phsycian to discuss the situation. No toddlers or infants will be allowed entry. This attraction is not recommended for visitors who have back problems, heart conditions, are prone to seizures or are in general poor health. We reserve the right to determine if you are not allowed for safety reasons.

Q. Will we need to sign a waiver?

A. Yes, as a condition of entry to The 17th Door, ALL participants will be required to sign a Waiver/Release. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver on site. You may be exposed to OR you may come in contact with: *electrical shock *insects *water *claustrophobia *touching from our staff *strobe lighting *fog *dizziness *moving floors *suffocation *physical restraints *moving vehicles *projectiles *loud noises *trigger warning for themes: rape, abuse, PTSD.

Q. Will the actors or anything else touch us?

A. Yes, the actors may grab you and some things may fall on top of you. You may also get wet.

Q. Will we have to eat anything disgusting?

A. You will not be forced to eat anything nor will you be forced to do anything you do not want to do. The Haunt will be scary and intense but is also designed to be fun. Remember, you can always scream the safe word, “Mercy”!

Q. Is The 17th Door open in inclement weather?

A. Yes, we are an indoor attraction.

Q. Are there any group discounts?

A. Yes, we have many opportunities for groups of 20+ and charities. Please contact us for more information.

Q. What types of special effects are in The 17th Door?

A. Our haunt attraction is designed for all five of the senses. You may be exposed to or come in contact with: claustrophobia, electrical shocks, moving floors, water, foul scents, strobe lighting, projectiles, fog, total darkness, dizziness, suffocation, latex, disorientation and loud noises. You may also get WET! Dress accordingly. Many of our props are replicas and many are real! This will be outlined in the waiver that you will be required to sign. If you have specific questions or concerns, you may email us at

Q. Will there be any offensive material?

A. There will be limited amounts of vulgar language and sexual innuendo but no nudity. The 2020 Halloween show will include small amounts of heavy thematic material. However, guests will find themselves in several intense situations.

Q. We made it half way through, can we get a refund?

A. We do not have a refund policy. You have paid us to scare you. If you are so scared that you have to shout the safe word to leave our Haunt early then we have done our job.

Q. Are there restrooms available?

A. Yes, we have portable restrooms available in the parking lot. Please do not use our neighboring tenants’ restrooms.

Q. Does The 17th Door have security?

A. Yes, we have multiple security officers on site each night. There are cameras throughout the haunt. We have a zero tolerance for trouble. We want everyone to have fun in a safe environment.