Included below are details about the extensive measures we have taken. We strongly encourage everyone to read through them and contact us for any questions or concerns. Some of the larger points are:

– Private groups only with zero contact between groups

 – All actors and staff will wear NIOSH approved valveless N95 masks, gloves, and eye protection

– Huge upgrades to our fresh air ventilation (we even exceeded hospital requirements)

– Guests will be required to wear masks, nitrile gloves (provided), and eye protection (provided)


Upgrades to Our Facility and Changes to Lower Transmission Risk of COVID.

* ACH stands for “Air Changes per Hour” and the number tells you how many times in a single hour do you remove all of the old air and replace it with new fresh outside air. It is the single most important metric for the safety of the environment. Diluting and removing viral load in the air is critical and is why being outdoors is safer than indoors. Basically, all things being equal, the higher the ACH level, the safer the environment.

* Our entire building ventilation has been upgraded to bring in 39,000 CFM (cubic feet/minute) of outside air. This brings our facility to an ACH rating of 12.7! This is a HUGE upgrade as most buildings, including restaurants, have an ACH rating of 2-4. This ventilation level is verified with CFM measurements through every single haunt room.

* CDC code for brand new hospitals is to have an ACH level of 12 for infectious disease isolation rooms. This means every 5 minutes (12 changes per 60 minutes), the air in the room is replaced with fresh air from outside. We have exceeded this extremely high level with an ACH of 12.7, which means it only takes our facility 4.7 minutes to replace its air with fresh outside air.

* The other factor that impacts the potential risk of the air you’re breathing is the density of people in that environment. We have an extremely low density of 209 sq ft per person at an operating capacity of 25% or a density of 105 sq ft/person at an operating capacity of 50%. For comparison, even at 25% operating capacity, a typical restaurant will have a density of 56 sq ft/person which is about 370% worse than our operation.

* It is important to note that your exposure to any Cast/Staff is limited to only 60-90 seconds. CDC has stated that risk is very low when not subjected to “prolonged exposure” which they define as 15+ minutes. 

* Every single door handle and routinely touched surface in the haunt will be disinfected every 35 minutes during operations.

* Every single night after operations, every inch of the maze/cast area/front counter will be completely sanitized with an automated system using a large array of UV-C germicidal lights. 


Requirements for the GUEST Experience

* Customers will buy tickets as a “private group” which will create a cohort style of grouping that will never come in contact with any other groups. Groups will not be mixed and tickets will only be sold online as a group of 4, 5, or 6 people. For example, a pair of guests would have to buy a group ticket for 4 and would enter the maze as a private group of only 2. If you want to add someone to your private group, they may purchase an “Add-on” ticket for the same date and time slot as your group ticket. Maximum allowed group size is 7.

* Tickets will not be sold at the counter!

* Private groups should NOT walk up to the experience unless they have tickets AND their ENTIRE group is present. Hanging out or “loitering” before or after the experience will not be allowed. We are changing time slots for ticket purchases from 1 hour down to 15 minutes which, when combined with reduced capacity, will GREATLY reduce people onsite.

* ALL customers will be required to arrive wearing a face mask. They must CORRECTLY wear face masks at all times (no under the nose) and this will be enforced at multiple points throughout the maze. If their mask is lost or breaks, we will have surgical masks readily available to replace them immediately.

* Upon entry, guests will be subject to a health screening and hand sanitizing. We will provide EVERY customer nitrile gloves and protective eyeglasses which are required to be worn at all times. 

* When you walk up with your group you will be staged in socially distanced “waiver stations” that are in the parking lot. Once your group has signed waivers, completed health screening, and your tickets have been scanned, you will be led by staff into the experience.

* All areas have been designed to accommodate strict social distancing between the private groups. 

The protocols we enforce with our CAST and STAFF is for their safety, but also YOURS.

* Cast/Staff will be subjected to a health screening (temp checks) and sanitizing process before entering the building as well as sanitizing checkpoints at various points throughout the night.

* Cast/Staff wear a NIOSH approved N95 valveless mask when working or while in the maze. Each cast member will have (3) N95 masks per night available to them. They will be trained in the proper use of N95 masks.

* Cast/Staff will also be required to wear a form of eye protection. These will be integrated into costumes either with goggles, face shields, or safety glasses.

* Each cast member will have an assigned “station” that is appropriately spaced. Each station will have a chair and shelf that has everything that cast member will need for the night. There will be no sharing of anything.

* Our Cast/Staff area will have a minimum 18 ACH level. The ventilation is increased because Cast/Staff have prolonged exposure to each other.

* Each chair in the makeup area will have a high powered ventilation hood above it that constantly sucks air up and out of the building at a rate of 500+ CFM PER CHAIR. All makeup artists will also be required to wear valveless N95 masks and face shields while applying makeup.

* Half of our Cast/Staff will be stationed outside to lower the density of people in the facility and to maximize social distancing.

A simple risk factor comparison to indoor restaurants:

* Our Staff/Cast wear extremely effective valveless N95 masks and typical restaurant employees wear cloth masks

* Our facility has approx. 350% more fresh air ventilation than a typical restaurant!

* Our facility has a much lower density of people than restaurants. 209 sq ft/person compared to a restaurant’s 56 sq ft/person

* Our activity is only 35 minutes with exposure to any staff limited to 90 seconds. A typical restaurant visit is 75 minutes with prolonged exposure to the same employees and nearby patrons.

* Our guests are strictly required to wear masks/gloves/eye protection at all times. In a restaurant, customers DON’T WEAR MASKS.


We strongly believe that the above protocols are above and beyond ANY business that is currently operating. You will not find another business that provides genuine NIOSH approved valveless N95 masks to all workers, sanitizes every inch of the entire facility on a nightly basis, and can exceed hospital levels of fresh air ventilation! We are always open to suggestions and you are encouraged to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We have no problem explaining any of the reasoning behind what we are doing or helping anyone to understand some of the information out there.